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Vin de touraine de collection, millésime is the fruit of the passion of Daniel GATAY the pleasure of discovering wines for 25 years and the experience of DUHARD Caves, a specialist in wine collection, fine dining and vintage wines of Touraine.

Managed by itself, it presents a selection of wines and local products followed.

The young wines are chosen by the quality monitoring of producers and the typicity of wines produits.Les guard are selected and bred by Caves DUHARD for wines of the Loire and the result of the collaboration and exchange with professionals preferred this activity for other regions of France (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, etc. ...)..
All these wines are monitored and guaranteed.

You will find your happiness:
- Buy rare wines and quality

- Animate your evenings around thematic activities

- Make an investment in the wine (emotional or financial) with selection of suitable product and possibility of storage in ideal conditions.

*The prices shown are ex-Cave purchase by the bottle. Contact me for personalized information on our availability and conditions of sale to individuals and business and state your interest.

You can easily sort your search according to region of origin, vintage, appellation or castle, your budget.

  • Delivery only in France
  • For all other orders will be requested at an additional cost
  • The expedition can not be done in all countries



In love of the moment

Château Peybonhomme 

Les Tours l'Atypic 2010 Rouge


coordonnées Caves Duhard  Daniel Gatay - 06 07 05 13 74

The passion and experience have contributed to the birth of the range "Wine Culture".

My passion for wine has always existed.
Some see the invention of wine, a symbol of civilization as strong as the invention of the wheel or fire.

By discovering wine, humanity would have broken with its previous condition, rising to a new art form.

Others see it as an instrument of peace. This is beautifully illustrated in a film called "Babette's Feast," where guests Dutch, embarrassed by the shabby quarrels, reconcile themselves to the table, thanks to a 1846 Clos Vougeot, and "quail in sarcophagus" prepared by the great Parisian chef Babette Hersant (played by Stephane Audran).


Daniel Gatay

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